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Use Wrinter's options to get it to:
  1. Show/Hide specific layers from your vector Input Files;
    If you know the titles of selected layers in your multilayer vector files, you can automatically switch them on or off to be included or excluded in/from the print. For example, you have a bunch of CAD files which contain a Bill Of Materials layer. By switching this layer on and switching all others off, you can print only relevant information, without showing any of your drawings. In effect, you can easily extract data from CAD files in one step!

  2. Filter the Input Files so you print only files with a specific extension (independently of type) or of a specific type, independently of their names or extensions. This is useful when you want different documents printed to different devices or when working with 'hybrid' files (files with references to external files).

  3. Add a Watermark to all files;
    This is the process of superimposing an image to all printed files. You have full control over where and how does the added image appear (not necessaily restricted to watermark use only) within the main document. In addition, you can prepare any combination of graphics and text to be used as a watermark image - as long as its file format is one of the supported formats (read). When working with multipage documents, the watermark is added to each page!

  4. Set a banner to print on every page out of your device.
In addition, you get several options to control the overall application behaviour:

  • Single-Cycle Mode stops processing after only one iteration;
  • Source Files Delete removes all Source Files after processing;
  • Force Bad Files Printing prints any file no matter of its header (files still have to be of one of the supported formats);
You can download the evaluation copy of Wrinter for Win32 now!

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