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Without being granted access to your systems we will analyze your web site(s), map its architecture and verify validity of links (internal and external). At the end, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and a list of suggestions how to correct broken or outdated links, improve data retrieval and streamline your site (if applicable). Knowing all about potential bottlenecks will help you maintain your site operating at its best.

Another venue we can help is when web server activity is to be analyzed - just provide us with your server logs and we will prepare complete, detailed (or summarized) report of its activity. The number of categories we can track and analysis depth is dependent on your server's logging capability of course.

This service is non-intrusive and can be made recurring, at a frequency you specify. Further, it can be configured as a watchdog - we will advise you at the moment a protion of your web site becomes unavailable. Because we never actually set foot at your premise, there are no overhead costs and hidden charges and you remain in control at all times.

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