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As enabling technologies change the ways of our lives, we are in position to spend time with machines on an ever-increasing scale. Man-machine interface is an inherent and a very important part of any such interaction. Increased communications throughput and VLSI components today enable us to offer not only a feast for the eyes, but also actively seek real-time input to the other human senses.

One such system, providing a very real tactile feedback is our SOFTAID family of VR products. This product delivers unprecedented sensations, which, combined with the proper audio/video programming brings the level of VR immersion to an almost complete sensory experience.

SOFTAID is a two-piece system that uses a PC-compatible computer and consists of control software and a portable hardware peripheral. Programming supplied by independent content providers is interpreted by the software which in turn drives the hardware. Two basic versions are available, depending on how the programming is delivered:

  • Off-Line system, where fixed programming is distributed on CD (or DVD) media and is available to you at any given time.
  • On-Line system, where real-time, dynamic programming is supplied over a network and true interactivity can be achieved.
SOFTAID Medical is a similar system developed for situations where research or testing of the human reproductive system is being conducted. These products are also extremely suitable for use in donor clinics, family planning centers, psychiatric evaluation units and other similar mandate establishments.
Similarly, two basic versions of the product are available, depending on how programming is being delivered.

For more information on SOFTAID or SOFTAID Medical, please contact us. All correspondence is kept in strict confidentiality.

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