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The need for storage and retrieval of information is one of the most important aspects of an organization. The efficient storage of information is the key. As technology has evolved from the basic to the latest advancements, many choices are available for businesses to select from. At the present time it is possible to store up to 120 MB on a floppy disk, 650MB on a Compact Disc (CD) ROM, 2.6GB on a magneto-optical (MO) cartridge, 8GB on a DVD, 32GB on Digital Analog Tape (DAT) cassette, and terabytes on multidisk arrays.

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) of up to 80GB with access speeds better than 10ms are widely available and may be all that is required to satisfy the basic, everyday storage needs of any organization. These are the primary storage media of today -- they are fast, and inexpensive (about $0.05/MB), but are prone to wear and tear and have a limited service time.

When high capacity and longevity is needed, MO libraries come handy, at an average price of $0.10/MB. Being slower to access, they are an ideal secondary-storage medium, for data that must be easy to get to but which is not being accessed regularly.

For everyday backup purposes, magnetic tapes are widely used within industry for most medium- to large organizations. The speed, ease of data transfer and retrieval often make this method the solution of choice. However, often a regiment of the daily or weekly backing up data is not followed. Since people not always follow the prescribed procedures for regular backup, more and more organizations look for unattended backup solutions.
Mirroring a HDD, (maintaining an exact copy of all data on a second HDD automatically), storing data on two independent media, is a method of insuring that valuable information is not lost if disaster strikes. This however does not offer protection from fire or theft. Thus, it is always advisable to store a copy of one's valuable data in a separate location.

To protect the data in an event of system crash, a regular, well designed backup schedule is mandatory. CD-RW devices have become a common place today and with the price of the storage medium being pressured down, most people will find it a viable alternative to tape-based backups. (remember, the life expectancy of a regular CD approaches 100 years, where tapes need to be retired within 4-5 years)

Throughout the years, we have worked with customers of a variety of backgrounds and requirements, thus gaining an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of mass storage devices such as CD ROM servers, towers, jukeboxes, digital tape storage equipment, etc. Note the use of multidisc changers in CDROM servers and towers -- they provide an excellent alternative to jukeboxes, providing at the same time superior flexibility. To deliver the most suitable solution at the best possible price, we work closely with market leaders in both hardware and software domains. Request your free quotation today!

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