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Unless you put quotation marks around your search phrase (keywords), each word is interpreted as a separate search item. You can use boolean operators and wildcards to search for combinations of words as follows:
  • Use the AND keyword to find all instances of all words you typed, for example:

    file AND conversion

    This search finds all pages that mention both file and conversion, including capitalized variants (File, FILE, CONVERSION, etc).

  • Use the OR keyword to find all instances of either one word or another, for example:

    file OR conversion

    This search finds all pages that mention file or conversion or both.

  • Refine your queries with the AND NOT keywords to exclude certain words from your search. For example, if you want to find all instances of file but not in combination with conversion, write the following:

    file AND NOT conversion

  • Use the keyword NEAR, rather than AND, to find words close to each other. For example, both of:

    file and conversion
    file near conversion

    look for the words file and conversion on the same page. However, with NEAR, the returned pages are ranked in order of proximity: The closer together the words are, the higher the rank of that page.

  • If your search finds too few pages, enter fewer or more general words or use the asterisk to find plurals as well as singular forms of the word or some other grammatical variations. For example, type


    to find image, imaging, Imagenation, etc.

  • Use two asterisks to search for all forms of a word. For example in the form, type


    to find fly, flying, flew and flown.

Put quotation marks around keywords if you want to search for the phrase. For instance, if you type the following:

"file near conversion"

the Search engine will literally look for the complete phrase file near conversion. But if you type the same phrase without the quotation marks:

file near conversion

the engine will search all documents for the words system and manager (as described above).

Free Text Searches

Use Free Text Search if you want to enter phrases using natural language (English). The Search engine will examine the phrase you entered, extract nouns and construct a search query for you. With free text searches you can enter any text you want, from a proper question, to a string of words and phrases, without worrying about special words and placement. For example, if you type:

"How do I assemble multipage documents?"

the Search engine will create a search query for you automatically and conduct the search. Note that when you use free text queries, the boolean operators and wildcards (above) are disabled and keywords such as AND, OR, NEAR and their combinations are interpreted as normal words.

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