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With Selector you can schedule to perform the following ratser modifications:

  1. Changing the image resolution independently for each of the X and Y axis, within the 75-1200dpi range. This is a powerfull feature that delivers great flexibility to your file format conversion tasks.
  2. Despeckling the image, using speck values from 1 to 30. Despeckling removes minute imperfections introduced by optical processes such as scanning, or change the coloration density of certain areas of your documents.
  3. Mirroring
  4. Negating - currently, Imagenation supports only bi-level (black and white) negation.
  5. Rotating the image counter-clockwise in 90-degree steps.
  6. Deskewing the image both automatically and by any angle within the -10 to +10 degree range.
By combining mirroring, rotation and deskewing, an image may be rotated and/or flipped by any angle in any direction!

All raster modifications can be applied in any combination of settings, when assembling or disassembling multipage documents, encrypting, compressing, etc.

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