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SmartCD for Recording can minimize your hardware expenditures by allowing you to share a CD-R installed on a WindowsNT or Novell server, or a UNIX workstation. Using the SmartCD client software, network users can submit files and directories to be written to the CD-R just as easily as printing to a network printer. Navigation through write jobs and administration of the single centralized resource is greatly simplified. Of course, clients still can access the CDROM for reads, benefiting from the SmartCD high-throughput caching.

You may use SmartCD for Recording not only with single CD-R devices, but also with CD-R jukeboxes, autoloaders and towers. The API toolkit enables system administrators to create fully automatic sequences down to the printing of the CD label (if appropriate hardware device is present).

The SmartCD for Recording software conforms to all essential CD standards, supports a variety of clients, data, audio and mixed mode recording sessions and has a batch mode for simple integration with other applicatios. Please feel free to download SmartCD for Recording for evaluation purposes now!

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