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All our servers come with a multi-LUN CD management software by SmartStorage Inc.. SmartCD provides native file access to all installed and available LUNs in the form of an exportable NFS read-only file system (UNIX versions), a CDFS volume (Windows versions), or a NetWare volume (Novell versions). This approach in effect hides the complexity of the CDROM system from the end users and makes the system administration tasks easy. Now, terabytes of data become as easy to manipulate as a single floppy disk is.
A look in the inner workings of SmartCD reveals a caching system tightly integrated with the OS, that yields unparalleled performance in multiuser, multitasking environments. This tripple-action caching scheme works by:
  • Optimal Directory Loading keeps the directory information of all LUNs in RAM;
  • Data Block Caching maintains a copy of the retrieved data in RAM or on a hard disk drive;
  • Read-Ahead Caching anticipates future data requests and moves that data to cache;

SmartCD is available for a host of platforms...

  • WindowsNT (3.5x - 4.0)
  • NOVELL (3.12 and 4.x)
  • DOS/Windows 3.11
  • HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris
  • NFS server
  • ...and CDROM jukeboxes and storage devices by...
    SmartCD conforms to all essential CD standards and, for those of us who need to not only read CDROM but also write to it, offers CD Recording management capabilities. Please feel free to download SmartCD for evaluation purposes now!

    Please contact us if you need more information on SmartCD software and the products featuring it.

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