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Ever had your home or business broken into? How did you feel when the cold draft from the broken glass on the patio door hit you in the neck? When items YOU have worked hard for, paid taxes for and taken good care of, are no longer around? Sure, the insurance will pay for new ones, but can you really afford deductibles of $500 or more, the ever-increasing premiums, the hassle when this happens to you on average once every two years? What did the police tell you the last time? There are too many break-and-entry in this town, unless it is in progress, we cannot respond, we cannot act on suspicion, etc, etc. And a few weeks later, the case is closed, because there were 'no leads'...

Don't you wish YOU could do something about it? Because in the unlikely event this has never happened to you, rest assured, your number is coming up! Statistically, break-and-entries incurring damage in the range $500-$3000 are not likely to be solved, which enables us to conclude two things:

  1. Your (and ours) insurance premiums will continue to go up.
  2. The number of break-and-entries will continue to raise, as more and more perpetrators are left at large to continue their activities.
Grim picture? No, just a realistic one. There are many companies ready to sell you monitoring for a monthly fee, and in an ideal world this probably would have been the ideal solution. Yet, in the real world, there are not enough police and, as you know, the false-alarm fees are climbing as fast as the insurance premiums. And this is to be expected, as there are many factors that may trigger an alarm.

Necessity being the mother of invention, our frustration with the status quo crystallized in the development of the C36 security system. Put in a word, a non-linear system that includes hardware (sensor peripherals) and software, running on an IBM-compatible PC-class computer. If you can read this, you already have acquired the most expensive component. Now, let our system protect it and the rest of your property!

The C36 system is the most versatile automatic security system to date. All functions are software-driven and the user can easily expand it's functionality by adding sensor peripherals and the corresponding software modules to control them. There is no limitation how complex your security system may be -- your imagination is the only limit! To date, we have built in, without being limited to, the following functionality:

  • Record (in digital video) any intrusion or event, with a time/date stamp.
  • Record additional information useful later as evidence in the court of law.
  • Notify police, yourself, or third parties of the crime in progress.
  • Dispatch pictures to local police patrol cars (if police equipped to receive digital transmissions/faxes).
  • Disable perpetrator temporarily, giving you enough time to execute citizen's arrest.
  • Mark perpetrator with tagging agents, suitable for tracking with widely available hand-held or mobile scanners.
NOTE: Check your local laws before operating a system configuration which disables the perpetrator!

When installed properly, C36 will deliver the criminal and enough hard evidence to put him/her away as prescribed by your local laws. Functionality can be easily added with inexpensive hardware peripherals and software reconfiguration. As needed, you can still use the computer just like any other PC when protection is not necessary -- C36 will not hinder other computer applications.

Please contact us for more information on C36. All correspondence is kept in strict confidentiality.

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