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Using a few simple DDE commands, you can easily control Selector from another application. Your application (DDE client) has to establish a DDE link to Selector using the following parameters:

  • Service Application : ...path..\Selector;
  • Service : Selector;
  • Topic : Control;
The following are the valid DDE commands (corresponding to the buttons on the tool bar) you can use:

  • StartProcessing;
  • PauseProcessing;
  • StopProcessing;
  • EndSelector;
To issue a command, Poke '1' into any one item -- this invokes the corresponding action. Keep in mind that if no files are selected, or any other vital parameters are not set, Selector will not start and instead, you'll see the error message.
Poking anything but '1' will have no effect. To read current status, ReadData from any one item. The result of '0' indicates that the corresponding function is inactive, a '1' indicates that it is active.

Note that you need to set the processing parameters before using DDE commands -- the latter are provided for your convenience only and are not intended as an API to Selector or Imagenation.

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