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Most people would use Selector to convert multiple files from one format to another. Such files are selected in a Source List (or a directory is specified for polling), additional processing parameters are set and this is all you need to do! Files may be easily added or removed to/from the list either using a pointing device or the keyboard. File Drag-And-Drop (from other OLE2 compatible Windows applications) speeds up the process of files selection. A full recursion option saves time when multiple files are selected from various root directories. Files may be selected across any network or platform, providing your system is configured to support the common file transfer protocol (over the network).

The resulting (Target) files may be placed in any available path (you need to have write rights to the Targer directory!) You may even decide to delete the source files after successful processing (files that failed any step of the scheduled processing will not be deleted).

When converting vector Source files to raster Target files, the source files will be automatically rasterized in the process -- you need not concern yourself with settings. Note that depending on the version of Imagenation you have, you may be limited to bi-level (black and white) rasterization only!

Note that you will not be able to vectorize files -- if you select raster files for Sources and choose a vector Target files format, Selector will notify you.

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