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Wrinter Server is the Server component of the Wrinter C/S architecture. It provides an easy way to control what, where and when is printed from within your Document Management System (DMS).

The Server is essentially a FTP server with a restricted/modified command set. One would install it on a capable machine that is accessible over TCP/IP from network clients and set it to listen to any available port. Clients will establish connection just as they would connect to a standard FTP server, upload their documents (files) to print and issue the Print command, instructing the Server how, where and when to print any given file. You can implement the Client portion yourself, making it a part of your existing structures and UI, or use our sample Wrinter Client application.

Wrinter Server looks very similar to the stand-alone Wrinter and does everything just as good. It has detailed Help to answer any questions you may have. Better yet, by default it installs in a most common configuration so you are ready to go without any time spent setting it!

To use Wrinter Server, you still will need to have Imagenation installed and working on the host machine. Note that there is no sense installing both the Server and the stand-alone version of Wrinter on the same machine as they will not work simultaneously. However, you can run both the Server and the Client on the same machine...

Wrinter Server is also easy to use -- once you have done the IP settings, just select the Working Directory, set your Options and click on Start. When you need to stop it, normalize the application and click on Stop. Still, remember that without a Client, Wrinter Server by itself will not do anything - you must send files and commands to it to produce any output!

Wrinter Server may be easily customized and integrated with your existing system for greater or restricted functionality upon your request. To further explore these options, please write to support.

Should you need a simple, automatic printing solution that you san use networkwide, look at Wrinter - the stand-alone print processor. If you need to perform editing or advanced raster manipulations on your files automatically, check Selector and Waiter.

You can download a time-limited 5-user evaluation copy of Wrinter Server for Win32 now!

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