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Wrinter comes in handy when a high-throughput system needs to asynchronously print many files that may be of different format. This is most likely a networked environment with multiple file sources (workstations), usualy sharing a common printer/plotter. Heterogeneous networks in particular suffer from the lack of capable viewers and browsers that can access and print files of different format.

Wrinter is an automated print utility taking advantage of the reach file-handling capabilities of Imagenation in MS Windows, providing a service for such heterogeneous clients. The application’s task is to constantly monitor a pre-set directory (the Input Directory) where files of different format and contents are placed by clients or other automation tools. Note that you are not limited to files of only a certain format (or structure) -- file types are detected automatically and Wrinter will adjust its routine for each Input File individually. Even better, Multipage Files are differentiated and each page printed accordingly. All Input Files (files that meet teh filter criteria if filtering is used) are FIFO sent to the printer/plotter without any change to their content or characteristics, independently from their format and size.

To use Wrinter, you need to have Imagenation installed and working on the host machine. The application uses Imagenation’s graphics engine and runs minimized, to save system resources. Note that Wrinter uses two timers -- the total number of allowed timers on your system may be decreased by other active applications. When working, it may spawn up to six separate threads in which different processes are running.

Wrinter is easy to use -- just select the Input Directory, set your Options and click on Start. When you need to stop it, normalize the application and click on Stop. You do not need any specialized knowledge of file formats and structures to successfully deploy a cost efficient automatic file printer system of any size!

Wrinter may be easily customized and integrated with your existing system for greater or restricted functionality upon your request. To further explore these options, please write to support.

Should you need to have more control on what, where and when gets printed, you may be interested in the C/S version - read more about it in Wrinter Server and Wrinter Client. If you need to perform editing or advanced raster manipulations on your files automatically, check Selector and Waiter.

You can download the evaluation copy of Wrinter for Win32 now!

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