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Wrinter Client is a sample of a Client component of the Wrinter C/S architecture. It gives you a simple way to send files and commands to Wrinter Server. This Client is not meant to be a complex, feature-filled application, but rather a showcase of what can one do with Wrinter Server. Ideally, you would want to integrate the Client's functionality within your Document Management System (DMS) - we can also help you with that.

The Client is essentially a FTP Client with a restricted/modified command set. Its job is to establish connection with Wrinter Server, upload any documents (files) you wish to print and send the Print command, instructing the Server how, where and when to print said files. Wrinter Server's Help will give you all information you need to develop your own interface should you decide to do so.

Wrinter Client has simple interface where you have the options of setting it up and selecting and sending files to print. You do not need to have any other software on the machine, but you must have TCP/IP access to the machine Wrinter Server is running on.

The application is easy to use -- once done with your settings, just select the file(s) to print and click on 'SUBMIT'. Remember, without an accessible Server, Wrinter Client by itself will not do anything - the actual work is done on the server machine by Wrinter Server.

Wrinter Client may be easily customized and integrated with your existing system for greater or restricted functionality upon your request. To further explore these options, please write to support.

Should you need a simple, automatic printing solution that you san use networkwide, look at Wrinter - the stand-alone print processor. If you need to perform editing or advanced raster manipulations on your files automatically, check Selector and Waiter.

You can download a FREE copy of Wrinter Client for Win32 now! There are no restrictions of copying, installing or using the software, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the license agreement on installation.

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