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Waiter is an automated processor utilizing the rich file-handling capabilities of Imagenation within MS Windows, that provides service to heterogeneous clients. The application’s task is to constantly monitor a pre-set directory (the Input Directory) where files of different format and contents are placed by either clients or other automation tools. All Input Files are FIFO converted to the pre-set output file format (and Output Files are created in the Output Directory) without any change to their content or characteristics, unless you use one of the modification options to show/hide layers or add watermarks. The resulting Output Files can then be viewed and edited with conventional applications, such as HTML browsers, simple third-party viewers or OS-embedded viewers -- no matter what the host operating system.

You are not limited to processing only files of a certain format (or structure) -- file types are detected automatically and Waiter will adjust its routine for each Input File individually. Even better, Multipage Files are differentiated and converted to one of three pre-set multipage formats.

To use Waiter, you need to have Imagenation installed and working on the host machine. The application is using Imagenation’s graphics engine and runs minimized, to save system resources. Note that Waiter uses two timers -- the total number of allowed timers on your system may be decreased by other active applications. When working, it may spawn up to six separate threads in which different processes are running.

Waiter is easy to use -- just select the Input Directory, the Output Directory , set any options you may need and the Output File Format and click on Start. When you need to stop it, normalize the application and click on Stop. You do not need any specialized knowledge of file formats and structures to successfully deploy a cost efficient automatic file convertor system of any size! Further, all registered users benefit from free instant software upgrades over the Net.

Waiter may be easily customized and integrated with your existing system for greater or restricted functionality upon your request. Contact us to discuss options.

If you need to perform editing or advanced raster manipulations on your files automatically, check Selector.

You can download the evaluation copy of Waiter for Windows 32 now!

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