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Selector is a batch file processor utility that is currently available for 32-bit MS-Windows platforms. It adds automation to Imagenation's rich set of capabilities by assuming control over the main application. This application features easy-to-use, intuitive GUI and simplified administration. Its modular architecture allows us to easily add (or remove) functionality as needed, and do it in very short terms. As the product evolves, we will see more AI elements transforming it into a "no hassle", fully automatic file processor.

With the latest (V9) version of Selector you can:

  • Schedule to convert any file of format Imagenation can read, to any format Imagenation is capable of writing to;

  • Schedule to modify the raster of the selected files. When vector files are selected and the processes listed below are set, Selector will automatically first rasterize such vector files.

  • Schedule to print the selected files, either or both source and target files.
    All printing options supported by Imagenation and Windows are availbale through the print configuration menu;

  • Set Multipage processing parameters, used for quality control of multipage file formats containing color data. You can also set Selector to mark and/or move suspect source and/or defficient target files in any combination, to facilitate further analysis. Lossy pages are automatically identified and recorded in the Failed Result List;

  • Schedule to Assemble/Disassemble multipage files
  • Directory Polling is used for background file processing -- Selector will automatically process all files matching the specified file filter, from the directory you choose;

  • With Encrypt/Decrypt options, you can increase the security level of your files;

  • Schedule to Compress/Decompress files as they are being processed;

  • Show/Hide layers or add Watermark (layer) to each page on each file you process;

  • DDE control allows you to control Selector from within your application;

  • The Sequencer allows you to specify the order in which the raster modifications will be performed. (E.g. despeckle before changing the resolution, but after deskewing..) This important feature takes full advantage of your knowledge of image processing in different situations. Sequencer will enable you to perform precize multistep processing in situations that, up to now, didn't allow it;

  • In any case, a Result List shows which files were successfully processed and which ones were not (and why, if the error is known). The Result List may hold the results of multiple sessions, or it may be cleared after each session. You can choose to save these results to a log file or to print them in a report format on the system printer;

  • Full-featured Help provides detailed information on how to use Selector's different features;

Selector may be easily customized for greater or restricted functionality upon your request. To further discuss these options, please write to

You can download the latest evaluation copy of Selector for Win32 from this site. Be warned, you will not be able to use the program to its fullest, as the evaluation version is limited in its capacity, but what you will find will give you a good idea of what this useful application is all about.

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