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Imagenation views, edits, prints and marks up over 150 file formats and runs on a variety of hardware platforms. Imagenation licenses are available in either Large or Office format, each in either individual or concurrent version. The main difference between Large and Office varieties is that the latter supports documents only up to 11x17 inches and does not offer support for vector file formats, whereas the former has no limit of document size, and would render all advertised file formats. Also known as Engineering Version, Imagenation Large is suitable for environments where technical drawings and documents prevail, while Office is geared more toward the limited-functionality, low-cost office environments. No matter what your application, familiarize yourself with its capabilities and evaluate Imagenation to establish to what degree does it solve all your problems. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.
Note: In the evaluation version, the string 'EVAL' is burnt into the image when you Save, Print or Cut/Copy. Working with vector formats, the evaluation build will Save documents; however, a number of the entities have intentionally been removed. These restrictions do not apply to the commercial build.

Concurrent licenses are suitable in networked environments where multiple users access the application over the network, while the software resides on the server. This type of licenses are available in multiples of 5 and do not offer any price advantage over purchasing the same amount of individual licenses.
Note that software with ultimate destination outside North America is shipped with hardware keys. There is no additional cost other than for Concurrent licenes, where the network key's cost is $500. To avoid this additional expense, some customers elect to sign a security agreement which is meant to protect the manufacturer's copyrights.

Please download the User Interface file for your language and copy it to the directory where you installed Imagenation (Windows versions only!). Switch interfaces and languages from Preferences on the main menu to fully test the application in your environment.

Imagenation Maintenance entitles you to a full calendar year of software upgrades and telephone/on-line support from SPICER Corporation.

All of our Customers enjoy:

  • Comprehensive support from SPICER Corporation and Control Systems
  • The full functionality of Imagenation plus the added functionality of Selector and Waiter. Such added functionality includes but is not limited to:
    • Full Text Search on more than a hundred of formats with integrated viewing of search results in Imagenation or an application of your choice.
    • Web Site soloutions that allow users to search or simply view the content of CAD drawings such as AutoCad, HPGL or Microstation. Remote users can view documents within their browser using Imagenation's plugin.
    • Automatic file processing capabilities, including file conversion, rasterization, printing, despeckling, directory polling and more.
    • Integration of the Imagenation graphics engine into your ERP system or established applications.

Selector, Waiter and Wrinter are just some examples of imaging automation.

Download an evaluation copy of Imagenation for Windows, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Sun Solaris, Selector, Waiter and Wrinter for Windows now!

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