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Printing documents is as important as viewing them. Imagenation features exceptional print capabilities giving both the end user and third party applications a wide range of options.

When printing from Imagenation, any properly defined color or black/white printer will be available to print to, whether locally attached or defined on a network. Imagenation for Windows has the most advanced set of printing features, allowing the user to manipulate the following print options accessible via a standard GUI:

  • Page range;
  • Number of copies;
  • All layers, displayed layers, overlays or base layer only;
  • Entire document or visible area only;
  • Orientation: default, portrait, landscape or best fit;
  • Title banner contents and location;
  • Centering;
  • Scale: true size or fit to page;
  • Print tiling.
    Tiling allows the user to print large documents in sections on small sheet sizes.;

While (in Windows) Imagenation can print to any standard Windows device driver, it can also communicate with external print or plot server applications. If a print request to a non-Windows device is made, Imagenation can convert the data to a standard format, write it to disk and then invoke an external application to process the print file. Contact us for more information on useful process automation utilities.

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