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Through Control Systems Unlimited, we offer a wide variety of computer networking-related products and services. From specification of requirements, design, development, deployment -- to maintenance and administration of existing and new networks. Our expertise is in multilevel, heterogeneous networks, where legacy systems are expected to work and perform side by side with state-of-the-art technology. Variety of protocols, hardware and software is where we feel at our best. Although most of our present customers are small to medium-size businesses, we also cater to government and educational institutions.

To our customers we offer fast service at very competitive prices. When it comes to hardware, we build our own brand of servers and workstations to exact specifications, using components from the world's leading manufacturers. Cable and wiring is installed by subcontractors, carefully selected and tested by CSU. Customers may opt to install and configure the software themselves, or we can do that for them. We also offer system administration, backup and integration as part of our post-sale services.

Every customer is unique, and this premise governs our approach to system integration and administration. Specializing in automation, CSU has the knowledge to bring the best possible solution to the table, well within budget. Flexibility and short reaction time are amongst our most praised qualities. These allow us to keep abreast with the rapid technological progress, and when you consider that CSU has not invested heavily in any one particular network technology, be free and unbiased to suggest the best possible way.

Due to the nature of the systems integration business, no prices can be listed here. However, should you have a particular problem, or would like to learn more about us, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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