We offer 240-disc jukeboxes by Kubik Enterprises Inc. of Saratoga, CA in a variety of configurations. With basic storage capability of 156GB, these versatile units are suitable for both 4RU 19" rack mounting and to use as stand-alone peripherals. Proven 12X readers by Plextor push data at 1.8Mb/sec, at an average disc change time below 10 sec.

Kubik jukeboxes feature fully automatic error recovery for unattended operation, and coupled with SmartCD can be used in a variety of operating system environments. When required, a 4xR/2xW CDROM writer can be configured for CD publishing.

Auto-switching power supply operates in the range 100-240V at 50-60Hz with maximum 5A consumption. The units are approved by the following agencies: UL 1950, FCC Class A, CDOC Class A, FTZ (VDE 0871) Class B, CUL.

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