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These are just a few examples of what you can do with the imaging software we offer. This list is neither complete not final - even if you do not see your problem described here, chances are, it has already been solved. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to add your solution to the list:

If you want to automatically:Use: Hint:
View files of multiple formats within your browser XInstall the Imagenation plugin
Present CAD files, documents in a form others cannot tamper with LVMEXConvert all files to a raster format(e.g. TIFF or CALS)
Extract BOM data from CAD files LVMEXShow only the relevant data layer(s), hide all others
Add a watermark image to your files LVMEXUse 'Add Watermark' to add your watermark image
Convert various documents to a PDF file format LVXPrint to the 'Distiller' print driver (Adobe Acrobat)
Print/Plot drawings, documents LVXPrint to a fax driver to fax them instead
Extract document, page or layer information LVXUse the data to show/hide layers with Waiter
Save each page of multipage documents as a separate file LVMEXUse 'Disasemble Multipage Files'
Create multipage documents from simple files LVMEXUse 'Assemble Mulipage Files'
Clean previously scanned documents LVMEXUse 'Despeckle' to remove white noise
Encrypt/Decrypt various documents LVMEXUse 'Encrypt'/'Decrypt' as appropriate

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