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Specializing in imaging solutions, we offer several applications many have found useful in their day-to-day or occasional work. Check our solution center for ideas and to see what customers have already done. Download the evaluation software and try if yourself, view the product pricing information or order on-line for immediate service and great savings. And if this is not enough, contact us for more:

Imagenation allows you to view/print/edit over 150 2D and 3D vector, raster and text file formats, including AutoCAD, CATIA, HPGL, PDF, IGES, Intergraph, ME10, Micrographx, MS Word and Excel, TIFF, WordPerfect, HPGL, DXF, JPEG, CALS, CGM, BMP, WinFax, Postscript, etc. and write to just as many. The product is available for Windows (32 bit), HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and Java (called View Café)
Included is a web browser plugin providing a quick and easy way to navigate your documents within your browser, using features such as scroll bars, zoom, dynamic zoom, and rotation. Two specialized navigation options include a reference window, providing a bird’s-eye view of the image, and a detail window, giving users a close-up view. Evaluate it now!

Selector is a multiple file processor that, in conjunction with Imagenation, allows users to perform (automatically) variety of operations on batches of up to 32000 files at a time (unlimited number of files, when polling). It also allows the user to print/fax, encrypt/decrypt, compress/decompress and send/receive documents as they are being processed. One can assemble multipage documents from multiple single-page ones, or vice-versa, merge documents, rasterize and save them in any supported format. Try it now!

Waiter is a scaled-down version of Selector which, will automatically convert all files placed in a set directory to a set file format, suitable for viewing with generic browsers, third-party freeware or OS-embedded viewers. UNIX users no longer have to install expensive viewer applications to view CAD, DMS, etc. files at their workstation! Simply choose a file format you can view without extra software, and start Waiter - it will process all files already in the Input Directory AND any files you add to it in real time... Try it now!

Wrinter is a variation of Waiter, which, instead of converting files will print them for you. Sharing the same directory polling engine, Wrinter offers a cost-effective solution to your multiple file printing needs. The best part of it is, you may have files of any supported format in your input stream regardless of name or extension! You may set different print aspects, targets and options, add watermarks, show or hide specific layers, etc... Try it now!

Wrinter Server is the Server portion of the Wrinter C/S architecture. It looks like Wrinter and it has the same requirements, but does not poll directories by itself - rather, it accepts files and commands from clients and executes them independently. Try it now!

Wrinter Client is an example of the Client portion of the Wrinter C/S architecture. It simply sends files to be printed and commands to Wrinter Server - note that it does not do any processing by itself! Theoretically, with Wrinter Server and Wrinter Cleint one can implement a fully functional printing system over the Internet (bandwidth and security considerations allowing). Since it is a fairly simple application, it is FREE for the asking - get it now!

Dysector is yet another utility which queries all files present in (at time of Start) or written in real time to a given directory. The results can be written to a flat text (ASCII) file suitable for parsing at a later time, a database table or a printer (hardware device or software device driver). These results can be used to further automate document processing (e.g. extract layer titles, then run Waiter or Wrinter to show/hide irrelevant information). Dysector will query all files supported by Imagenation and report any problems caused by unsupported file formats. Try it now!

CleanIM is a small (FREE!) utility that will remove all registry entries associated with previous installations of Imagenation. (Versions below 4.4 do not have a deinstaller, which means that when you have completed your product evaluation, even if you were to delete all program files, the application still remains registered in your system. Use CleanIM to remove such leftovers.

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