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Control Systems Unlimited (CSU) is a private, debt-free systems development and integration company, with offices in Canada and the US, and representation in Western Europe. Our mandate is to help business become and stay competitive in the global marketplace of the 90-ies. Our teams of professionals with multi-disciplinary backgrounds focus on delivering integrated solutions for industry, home and office. We cater to small, medium and large companies and organizations. Thriving in a result-driven market, we have demonstrated ability to deliver the best custom-tailored solutions for our clients.

CSU is a dynamic company, always striving to be at the forefront of the technology. To this end, we are involved in development of software and hardware solutions to specific application needs. We hold a number of patents in the laser scanning technology (AFID) and dynamic wave energy manipulation (3D Sound), with elements of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The scope of our business activities may be summed up as follows:

  1. Industrial Systems, Business and Process Control and Automation: where we analyze specific customer's requirements and conditions and develop systems that improve productivity, cut cost and minimize the dependency on the human factor. We deliver unique solutions that may include products and services by major hardware and software manufacturers, as well as our own software and/or hardware. Our expertise is in both real-time automation and control systems, such as quality control, water treatment plants, CAM applications, embeded control systems, cooperative robotics, energy management systems, etc. and integrated, computer-intensive business process control environments like TRITON, BAAN and SAP (MRP, MPS, workflow and business process engineering, manufacturing process engineering, supply chain management, EDI). Our flagship business management product -- BNB delivers real-time functionality that the abovementioned rivals may lack or not be good at. Engineering and design companies have found the imaging software we offer to be a helpful tool in their document management activities. We are particularly proud of Waiter -- the file processor that our customers have used more than a million times...

  2. Networking and Data Management: many of our customers have already implemented systems of different complexity, where another functionality is to be added. Heterogeneous systems where several generations of technology co-habit and are expected to produce results are where we thrive. We design, build, administer and maintain LANs, WANs (Internet and intranet) and many related applications and turn-key solutions in the field of data communications. CSU has deployed Internet servers, where we cater to organizations interested in using the Net for commerce, use secure transactions, EDI, on-line ordering systems, advertise, provide their internal databases with a Net interface, etc. Our mass storage solutions include top-notch CDROM servers that deliver unsurpassed performance and are easy to administer and maintain. Furtermore, our unattended backup solutions bring automation and dependability to any environment.

  3. Consulting: to identify user requirements and needs and define all criteria used to select the optimum solution, we work closely with our customers on every step of the process. About half of the development time is spent talking to the client, either at their premises or over the phone/Internet while we define the best possible approach. In many cases, post-sale support is simply unnecessary, as our clients gain the necessary expertise in the process of user requirements refinement. These activities are often complemented by software development and/or customization, especially when it comes to business environment automation.

If we can be of help in any way that fits our company's scope of expertise as described above, please contact us at your convenience.

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