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CleanIM is a small utility, freely available at your convenience, that will remove all registry entries associated with a previous installation of Imagenation. Currently, Imagenation does not have a deinstaller, thus when you have completed your product evaluation, even if you were to delete all program files, the application still remains registered in your system. Use CleanIM to neutralize such leftovers as described below:

  1. Download the CleanIM ( file size = 113kB) archive file;
  2. Unzip the only executable to a location of your choice;
  3. When Imagenation is not running, run CleanIM.exe. A dialog window will notify you of the result and what else should be done;


  • CleanIM will not delete any files off your computer! It is up to you to delete the files and directories you will not need any more;
  • CleanIM will notify you of the Imagenation installation directory. Make a note of this message if you plan to delete any files at a later time;
  • CleanIM will not remove the program items and group(s) pertaining to your current or previous Imagenation installation;
  • You can easily reverse the CleanIM actions by running Imagenation after it. This will restore all registry entries;
  • It does not matter if you run CleanIM before or after deleting the Imagenation directory and files. Of course, if you delete Imagenation (files and directories), you will not be able to restore the registry entries removed by CleanIM. To use Imagenation again, you will have to reinstall it;
  • CleanIM will work only on 32-bit Windows platforms (Win95, WinNT) and with all Imagenation versions (including evaluation). CleanIM will not work for Selector, Waiter, Wrinter or Dysector! These are Win32 applications and as such, have its own deinstaller. Use Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs to deinstall these applications when needed;
  • There are no warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind, for the use of this product;

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