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Our definition of a CD/DVD ROM server outlines a stand-alone unit that comprises:

  • A power cable for connection to a power source;
  • One or more individual CDROM or DVD readers, writers, or combination of those;
  • One or more processors, installed on a motherboard;
  • Appropriately sized non-volatile memory (Hard disk drive -- HDD);
  • A Floppy disk drive (FDD);
  • Apropriate amount of RAM;
  • A Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • External SCSI interface for additional periperals;
  • Video interface for a console monitor;
  • A keyboard and a pointing device (mouse);
  • Operating System (software) installed with a basic configuration;
  • CDROM management software installed with a basic configuration;

and may additionally (as per user requirements) be accompanied by:

  • Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) as a separate functional unit;
  • Built-in Tape Backup Device;
  • Any user-specific software;

that is assembled and configured in such a manner, that multiple users can be granted either read, or write or both read and write access to multiple CDROM at the same time. (MANY users access MANY CDROM SIMULTANEOUSLY -- MMS) There should be no aditional hardware or software needed in order to start using such CDROM server.

Note that CDROM or DVD Servers are not necessarily contained within one enclosure. CSU offers a flexible line of fully reconfigurable 19" rack modules for maximum scalability and superior performance as well as stand-alone units - order on-line for greater savings!

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