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To aid our customers in their quest for turn-key solutions, we design, manufacture and deploy/maintain a multitude of custom-cut systems that may be ordered in any configuration, both hardware and software, at a great price. If you do not find th eunit you are looking for among our CD-ROM servers, CD-ROM towers, DVD-ROM servers or DVD-ROM towers, just fill out our quotation request form and you will receive a competitive quotation on a custom-fit unit within hours. (note that additional information may be required, if you did not clearly state your requirements) We are armed with years of experience in the mass-storage market, manipulation in complex, especially heterogeneous environments, either locally, over a LAN, or WAN (Internet, intranets) and do know what a system needs to guarantee seemless integration and operation at all times. It is our understanding that only a well-designed server can yield the reliability and performance the end user expects.

All systems come with 1 or 2 years parts and labor warranty (some components may have different warranty periods), and are backed by our exclusive 30-day no-nonsence money back guarantee. Naturally, they all are tailored to perform best in mission-critical situations where reliability is of utmost importance. Choices of platforms include Intel and Alpha AXP-based boxes, Microsoft WindowsNT, NOVELL NetWare, UNIX, SmartCD software. The minimum RAM configuration is 32MB, pipeline burst L2 cache is 512kB, true 32(64)-bit PCI architecture, lightning-fast PCI network and SCSI interface (full network connectivity as per customer's specifications includes Ethernet or Fast Ethernet, FDDI, ATM) and more... In most cases we will help you identify network bottlenecks and improve the overall systems performance at your site -- from design to administration!

Our prices are very competitive and depend on the particular system configuration -- you will not have to spend money on something you do not need. If you chose our 19" modular systems, you are guaranteed scallability and cross-platform configuration flexibility. Should you need to discuss specific details, feel free to contact our support group. Please be ready to answer questions pertaining to your current and planned system setup, connectivity, needs, logistics. We'll work with you to find the best possible solution for the least amount of money!

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