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Our definition of a CD/DVD ROM jukebox outlines an electronically-controlled unit that comprises:

  • A power cable for connection to a power source;
  • One or more interface cables (SCSI or otherwise) for connection to a host computer;
  • One or more individual CDROM or DVD readers, writers, or combination of those;
  • Means of CD or DVD storage (usually 50 or more);
  • Means of transporting individual discs from their storage to the readers (robotics);

and may additionally (as per user requirements) be accompanied by:

  • Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) as a separate functional unit;
  • A host computer (as per user requirements);

that is assembled and configured in such a manner, that when connected to a host computer with the appropriate software and configuration, multiple users can have either read, or write or both read and write access to a number of CDROMs equal to the number of the installed CDROM readers at the same time. (MANY users access FEW CDROM SIMULTANEOUSLY -- MFS). The CDROM jukebox itself shall not be able to provide these services without the host computer.

We offer fine products from the following CDROM jukebox manufacturers:

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