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The following is a list of the most important features that will give you a better perspective at Imagenation's rich set of capabilities:

  • Integrated 2D and 3D viewing: In addition to many 2D file formats, Imagenation supports 3D VRML models in either 2D projection mode or 3D model mode as exported by all major CAD applications, providing compatibility with all engineering design environments. VRML joins the existing IGES and STL formats for model markup, printing, and real-time interactive viewing:

    View in 2D projection mode - a unique 4-way display of pure models as drawings;
    Switch from 2D to 3D mode and vice-versa through the View menu;
    Load and display 2D and 3D files simultaneously;
    Change how the 3D model is displayed through the View Options dialog box;
    Choose from Smooth Shading, Flat Shading, Wireframes and Points display styles;
    Apply separate display styles for the model in 'Still' and 'Interactive' modes;
    Wireframe Views;

  • 3D Model cross-sectioning: Control a front and back clipping plane and independently cross-section any number of models via simple user interface. Users can simultaneously slice specified portions of a 3D model's back and front view, allowing detailed analysis of model structures;

  • Multilanguage support: Imagenation can dynamically switch (without exiting the application) between the most common languages, including English (U.K. & U.S.), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

  • Printing/plotting options: Imagenation's printing set of commands not only allows you to print and plot documents to local and network printers/plotters, but also fax them directly.

  • Input file formats support: Imagenation can read more than 140 file formats (this list may be incomplete) on different platforms.

  • Output file formats support: Imagenation can write in 78 different file formats (this list may be incomplete). Note that not all file formats that can be viewed can be written to!

  • Powerful Raster manipulation: With a click of the mouse, you can:

    Rasterize any vector file -- single or multipage, single or multilayer, or just the base image
    Change raster's resolution (full range of 75-1200dpi)
    Negate the image
    Mirror the image
    Despeckle -- bilevel despeckling cleans black and white noise separately or combined, up to 64000 pixel clusters!
    Rotate the image (90 degree steps)
    Deskew the image -- manually -10 - +10 degrees, or automatically
    Crop the image -- manually and automatically
    Embed stamps (watermarks) and banners in the raster

  • Flexible Layer manipulation: On both vector and raster files, you can:

    Import, Export, Remove and Edit Layers (up to 32k of them!)
    Activate/Deactivate layers
    Consolidate layers
    Edit layer color/gray scale

  • Page Administration includes Import, Export and Reorder.

  • Overall image Editing Tools include, among the others:

    Drawing elements: Line, Arrow, Polyline, Arc, Sketch, Box, Circle, Elipse, Polygon.
    Writing elements: Text, Annotation
    Marking elements: Dimension,Symbol, Hotspot, Highlighter

  • Productivity enhancement tools: Get your work done faster with the built-in Measuring tool, Layer Comparator, Page Organizer, Thumbnail support, and finally, API.

  • The Scan version supports the ISIS scanner drivers and:
    Fujitsu 3097 G, 3096 G/GX, 3093 GX;
    Vidar TruScan 600, TruScan 800, TruScan Flash, and TruScan Select;
    Contex FSS 3200, 3300, 5200, 5300, 8200, 8300, 10200, 10300;
    Contex FSC 5000, 8000, 3010, 5010, 6010, 8010 (color)
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