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The BNB system is a fully integrated, real-time business management and supply-chain software that implements the latest innovations in the field of distributed computing. Although developed with small business in mind, BNB is freely scalable and would be deemed appropriate in medium-scale organizations as well. The only limit when upscaling is the server and network performance capability. BNB's aim is to deliver all functionality that large (and expensive) systems like BAAN TRITON and SAP have, less the compatibility and integration problems, at a fraction of the cost. Alongside, BNB addresses issues overlooked by the large systems, such as ease-of-implementation, localization, most aspects of the supply-chain integration and low-cost maintenance. Having been implementing and maintaining BAAN systems for the last three years, we embeded our experience in BNB, which has much more than better price/performance ratio to offer. Most importantly, there is no additional software or hardware needed to begin using the BNB system.

As with every system based on the client-server model, BNB consists of a server portion and multiple client stations. Relying on the DCOM (Distributed COM) technology, BNB works over TCP/IP and MS NETBEUI protocols, on 32-bit MS Windows platforms.

Our strategy is to distribute the client software free of charge, whereas the server software is available for purchase at a nominal charge proportionate to the number of licenses. This approach allows end users to have full control over where and how to configure their client (stations).

There are no special requirements in terms of business process knowledge or hardware, as both the server and client BNB install automatically, in compliance with Microsoft's Win95 specifications. One can even run BNB on a single computer, if so desired! Customers are strongly encouraged to configure their business management systems themselves, yet should they need assistance, we have the resources to commit to any size project. We work with our customers on every step of the implementation, from the network design to the system administration and maintenance. In addition, customized reports and charts can be prepared as per customers specifications, when required.

At present, we are preparing the evaluation version of BNB Server that will be available for download from this site in a few days.

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