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C36 is an automatic digital security system that goes above and beyond simple alarms: it actually takes the first step in putting the perpetrator away for good. Using a combination of sensors, cameras and actuators and software-driven, a fully developed C36 is hard to defeat. Below is a principal diagram of the main components and their interrelationships:

C36 Principal Diagram

Video cameras (either color or B&W) monitor the area(s) where a break-in may occur (like doors, windows, HVAC vents). The images from said cameras and data from the sensors are analyzed by the software in real-time, and discarded, if nothing happens (useless images are not recorded and you don't have to spend time sifting through hours of recorded video). When a change is introduced in the picture, the software decides if this change is due to a person or a naturally occurring event (e.g. wind, rain) and, should said change be classified as intrusion, the C36 will:

  1. Identify the type of intrusion using data from other sensors (if so equipped).
  2. Start recording of digital video. Recording may be set to stop after a time interval or upon the removal of the intrusion. Recorded video is stored until you decide to discard of it.
  3. Notify the chosen law enforcement agency, you, or third parties (as set). Optionally, local alarms may be activated.
  4. Start transmitting selected still pictures or live video to the chosen recipient (law enforcement agency, third parties, media).
  5. Depending on the configuration, disable the perpetrator temporarily (using sedative capsules or gas) for pending arrest, or mark him/her with tagging agents for easy identification when at large.
  6. Reset all circuits and return to normal monitoring.
As described, the C36 has several very important advantages:
  • Fully automatic, there is no need for human intervention when monitoring.
  • Technology similar to the one guiding the Tomahawk smart missiles identifies perpetrators faster, better and most importantly, safer for you.
  • Live pictures/video transmitted to the chosen law-enforcement agency makes the arrest a breeze.
  • Disabling the perpetrator virtually guarantees the arrest, no matter how slow the response time.
  • When perpetrator marking is opted for instead of disabling, detectives can trace the organized crime structures.
  • Used in combination with healthy local criminal laws, C36 is an effective tool for making your life safer by giving you leverage and a say in the fight against crime.
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